Ki To Life
Animal communication and pet detective

I am an animal lover and at the moment have 2 cats, a dog and 2 horses a rabbit and a rat of my own. I adore all of them and would do anything for them. I understand that animals play a very impotant role in peoples lives and they are a very much loved part of the family. I have always felt a great affinity to our animal friends and therefore want to do my best for them both in communicating with them and healing them.
I have successfully found many animals that have either been stolen or have been lost, however there have been a couple of times when the outcome has not been a happy one and our animal friend has passed over to spirit world. I cannot promise your friends will return or be found but I will do my very best as a respected medium and animal lover.
Animals cannot communicate by speaking to us out loud but they do talk to us and communicate with us very effectively if we learn how to tune into them. It is especially difficult when they are ill we have no means of asking them where it hurts or what they have done to injure themselves. Using my reiki and psychic and mediumship abilities I am able to communicate with the animal and they can tell me what is wrong with them or where it hurts.
Animals also communicate by showing us pictures of places and events, which is useful when a beloved pet goes missing. As an animal communicator I “tune” into the animal to work out first of all whether or not they are still alive. I can ask and also sense the animals feelings so I can tell if they are injured or trapped in anyway. Also the animal may show me pictures of things they can see or the people they are with and enable me to help work out where the animal may be. Sometimes it is like a jigsaw trying to piece bits of information together and can take days or even weeks to successfully find them. This is useful in these times as unfortunately some of our pets are being stolen and sold on for money. By working together with you we can try to find them.
Please use the contact page and fill in the required information about yourself and your pet, including a link to a photograph where possible.